To all Foreigners living in Japan, wishing to Live in Japan permanently, who wants to open up a small or big business, or any kind, for those who have problems regarding TAXES, Welcome to My Home Page.

First of all let me introduce myself.

Self Profile

Tax Accountant】
Atsuko Yoshimoto
6-8-6-103 Tsukaguchi-chou Amagasaki-city Hyogo, Japan
Zip code 661-0002
【Start learning USCPA】
in 2006
【Start business】
in 2008
Scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling , Eating, Tea ceremony, Playing and listening piano, Playing with my cat


* Tax Auditing
* Technical Service & Information
* Management Services
* Risk Management
* International Accountings
* Shomentenpu
* Computerized Tax Return Files

Tax Auditing

As a Tax Auditor, I will be willing to visit each client every month as they wish and will audit the balance sheet, and all related statements such as income, retained earnings, cash flows for the year.
These procedures will be conducted in accordance with the Tax Law and Regulations to confirm reasonable assurance, existence and consistency of every facts in accounting.
For this reason, I will teach each and everyone to obtain whether the existing materials and records are proper and accurate, of course providing bilingual services and guideline for successful bookKeeping and management.

Technical Service & Information

We recommend information technology which means you or your staff input and output accounting data with using our accountancy software. Since you can plan how your company goes better and understand your company’s financial conditions. Our software are based on Tax and Companies Law and regulations. We teach how to use it and how to view of financial accounting points.

Management Service

Planning your company’s future is very important for this reason, with all the data gatherd. I will advise and assist to make structure of management to have stable and to up-grade earning business performance to cope and survive in the changeable environments.

Risk management

Risk is a potential reason with management. We recognize the importance of the practice of risk management for prevention of sudden problems by risk assessment.Risk management is the chance to keep success your business.

International accounting

In Japan, all statements and notices are written in Kanji, but it will not be a difficult and big problem. I can support your need to understand and translate the Financial statements very well.


Shomentenpu is very important document required for every tax payers in Japan. As a tax accountant I will prepare this Shomentenpu attached to all data and matters enterd for calculations, arrangement, and consultations for tax return processing

Computerized Fifing of Tax Return

This service is so convenient for filing your tax return using the internet, so fast and easy for those who have no time and so busy in business.
Let’s try together.


* These services are effective only in Japan.
* I have a little English but will try to my best!
* Language exchange is very welcome, of course Free.
* If you have any question or are intereted in me, call me or send me e-mail.
See you soon!